Player interview with Danny “the Sock” Banko

Player interview with Danny “the Sock” Banko

By Roy Fisher
13 September
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Player interview

How long have you played for Yardley ? 15 years (on and off)

Which was the first club you played for ? Yardley

What position do you play ? 15

What position would you favour ?
Bench / water boy

If you didn't play rugby, what would you be playing on Saturdays ? Not a lot

What's your favourite food ? Everything

Favourite drink ? Vodka / rum

Name 2 of your favourite players you have played with? Jason smith big gus

Of your current team, do any of them make you think "thank god they're on my team" ? Jermaine cleans up some ahit ball

What's the best thing about being a Yardley player ? ??

What has been your worst rugby related injury ? broken wrist

What has been your most memorable moment in rugby ? First ever final when Jonny cliff was captain

Now for the fun stuff....

Who is the...

Longest in the shower

Most skilful
Sammy t / tin

Hardest trainer
Griff the coaches pet

Worst dressed

Biggest moaner
Myself / Brendan

Biggest joker

Most intelligent
John kelly

Best tackler
Liam white

Hardest to tackle
Everyone I can’t tackle

Best tourist

Best player you ever played with
Jason Smith

Most committed to the club
Llyod winters

Please nominate the next person for the player interview Jonny mac

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